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on the way. >> we're getting used to it. how bad will this storm be. we have a look at your first forecast, break it dunn for us -- down for us. >> we'll see winter weather, so the timing will be similar. right now we're all clear. maryland's most powerful radar scanning clear. cecil, harford, north baltimore, carroll. it means are a not going to get the two to four inch rain, one to three and closer to one as you push toward easten. here's the storm. you can see tremendous moisture. that's out of the gulf of mexico. cold air wrapping around the back site. 30 -- 30s tonight. we'll talk about how much falls where in the state. that's coming up. >>> an update on breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. there is a new development in the phylicia barnes murder case. prosecutors are requesting the courtroom be closed for part of the trial because of a sexually explicit videotape. >> reporter: we spoke to the defense team for michael maurice johnson who said they need to respond to that hearing submitted by the state. the baltimore state's attorney's office wants to show a video that shows ph
be a number of people. pepper spray was used in an attempt to subdue the suspect. the name of the suspect has not been released. once again, a gunfire inside the emergency room at the university of maryland st. joseph medical center, no one injured. live in baltimore county, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >>> a dramatic chase on route 250. only the car being chased was an ambulance. >> reporter: juan williams went to the hospital in seeford hospital yesterday in an ambulance. no problem. this was the leaving part that got him in trouble. he needed a ride home so he stole the am blafnlts williams headed toward the bay bridge. several calls came am about the e rat -- in about the erratic driving. he had a welcoming committee waiting for him in queen anne's. >> they spotted it headed westbound toward the outlets in queen anne's county. >> reporter: williams had the attention of five police cars. >> traffic became congested. the operator of the ambulance made a u turn on route 50 and continued toward chesapeake college. >> reporter: they were trying to deploy stop sticks. >> could turn in at very
are told they are all on the sglis it was tough for all on us sending our kids back to school. even though it happened hundreds of miles away, people here in maryland were still worried. . >> and like kelly said, our kids are heading back to school and as parents we're still worried about sthar safety. i'mjoined by dr. sharon steven, how do you know our kids are scared, can read their faces? . >> i would say all of us as apasht parents have a heightened sense o of concern, grief, aing psity. >> there's a lot of bullfighting, should i approach them or let them come to me. >> the best way to think about it is if you think your child has had exposure to this, you should start the conversation with them. >> i bet a lot of mom, dad, why are you crying. >> yeah, if they've seen you distressed, it's a good time to start the conversation but do it in simple age appropriate terms. >> what -- how do you calm them down? how do we go to tomorrow? they know what happened? . >> i was pleased to see that attendance didn't dip because it's important that we get back into our daily routines. that's
taxpayers to know the u.s. treasury made a multibillion dollar profit on giving that loan. the thank you mesh ad campaign claims the government has more than $20 billion in the deal. >>> a westminster mans dead after a car crashed at carroll hospital center. it happened just after 8:00. >> reporter: tire tracks cut through the grass in front of the sleep center at carroll hospital center showinged unexpected path a driver took this morning. >> we had a vehicle enter the hospital grounds, lose control, go across the lawn and strike part of our building. >> reporter: turns out the driver of that vehicle had a medical emergency while he was behind the wheel. the carroll county sheriff's office said 78-year-old thomas skipper, jr. jumped the curve and ran over a tree before crashing into an office window. >> there was someone siting in that area. luckily, he were not injured. >> reporter: that window is now covered with a tarp closed up so the facility can continue operating. skipper was taken steps away to the emergency room but doctors could not revive him. westminster, joce sterman, abc2
looks like a bigger storm may be headed toward us this weekend. let's check in with wyatt. >> reporter: yeah. saturday's storm very interesting. this last storm sometime impacting us with the wind. high winds through the day. wind advisory canceled in the last hour. you can see the wind still up gusting to 23 to 25 miles an hour. again another windy night. wind chill factor cold as a result. look at the gusts, peak gusts 50 -- tree damage from that. this storm continues to move away to the north. winds will diminish in a new storm. coming in from texas. the impact that has the timing it's coming up. >> breaking news in the case of a missing baltimore county teen. her picture spread like wildfire on social media. now her 23-year-old boyfriend has been arrested and she is home with her family. >> reporter: she was supposed to do last minute christmas shopping a friend on saturday but when she didn't come home her family sounded the alarm and today as we sat down with her mom the phone rang with the news they have been waiting for. >> i just want her here. >> reporter: the
with salt because it's much colder. different chemicals have to be used. >> on the interstates we have sensors that are embedded in part of the pavement. so if we see an area that's wet, it will tell whether it's wet or dry, the salineity is getting diluted. >> drivers should be prepared to hit the road, charge your cell phone and keep a flashlight or shovel. >>> your flight could be ground thanks to severe weather. if canceled, airlines will automatically rebook you. there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of getting on a plane. get in line to talk to a customer service rep to see if it could be changed. you can call the airline directly. consider buying a one-day pass to the airline lounge for comfort. they may be able to help you find a seat faster. we've been spending our time getting ready for the hole days. if you woke up without snow supplies, you're not the only one. ace hardware on york road has seen people slowly come in to pick up what they need for winter. >> people slowly trickling in to get their supplies. snow shovels, ice melt, the normal supplies. >> th
and he said the company that produces bushmast master guns like the ones used friday have put people on notice that they're out of stock. >> there are four wholesalers around the country, everything is sold out. >> according to state police, firearm applications that topped 5,000 in october will climb to more than 8 thousand this month ask. and applications will jump by more than 15,000 for the year. dick's sporting goods is pulling certain kinds of semiautomatic weapons from stores nationwide and su spendsing all gun sales in the stores closest to newtown. >> the national rifle association is releasing its first statement. theorganization says it stayed silent out of respect for the victims. they say they are quote, prepared to offer meaningful contributions to make sure this never happens again. >> and for more coverage on gun control and safety, visit and there you can find the latest information on gun laws and complete coverage of the tranl i did. >> now the developing story out of caroline county where a woman is accused of murdering her father on his birthday
fire ripped through it in the middle of the night. neighbors came out to show us how bad this fire was. dozens of firefighters came to the home. the two-alarm firer was so -- two alarmer was so powerful. >> no fire hydrants. >> so tankers of water were brought in. two firefighters had to go to the hospital with non-life-threatening i the man s badly burned in his house has died. ernest was taken to the hospital. he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> a recent string of deadly crashes continued. a man was killed when his car hit a utility road. the driver's car rolled over before it hit the pole. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> continuing coverage on that shooting inside the university of maryland st. joseph's medical center. baltimore county police identified the man they say struggled with an officer as brian dargan. he tried to get the officer's gun away. a shot was fired grazing the officer's leg. dargan will be charged with attempted murder. >>> this is a picture of the man the police are looking for in connection wit
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8